Yay! Overcooked 2 announced for this August!

Yay! Overcooked 2 announced for this August!

Time for a second helping! Fan and Staff favorite at Saint Games, Overcooked is coming back for a second edition!



2016 indie sleeper hit Overcooked was a commercial success and if you still have no idea what game it is, Overcooked is a multiplayer co-op cooking game that requires you to whip up regular dishes and serve them within a stipulated time. Think of it as Cooking Mama meets Diner Dash but a lot more chaotic!


Announced during Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year (just a few days ago), Overcooked 2 will feature whole new set of recipe, the ability to toss food to your mates, online co-op as well as an ever changing kitchen environment, Looks like the team at Ghost Town Games heard all our requests!


From what we gathered via Gameplay footage, kitchen will be slightly similar to the final boss stage of the original Overcooked, but perhaps more intense!

Originally announced for the Switch (which is understandable given its multi-player functionality), Overcooked 2 is available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One as well on 7th August 2018! And you can be sure this will be another couch hit over at Saint Games!


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