CLOVR – The Next Gen VR

CLOVR – The Next Gen VR

So are you ready, Player One?

Imagine a time that you can jump straight into the game environment and lead the charge against enemies or zombies, or solve puzzles and obstacles physically as the lead character, doing as much as you can within your physical means? That day is near.

At the invitation of our friends from CLOVR, we recently got our hands (and head) on their product at their SG showcase held at the FUNAN Show Suite. We tried games like Titanfall 2 and L4D which both provided different kinds of gaming experience never felt before. CLOVR allows you to be the hero and protagonist and you can now save the world to the best of your abilities. We recommend playing it in a bigger room and perhaps also take on a more daring approach to turn behind quicker and explore darker corners, especially playing horror games like L4D.

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Essentially, CLOVR is a truly hassle-free mobile application that will transform any PC game into virtual reality. Unlike the VR solutions currently available in the market, CLOVR makes VR gaming available, accessible and affordable to everyone, by reducing need for complicated hardware,


What CLOVR does is that it projects the gaming content from your PC screen, translates it to VR-ready format and streams it into your phone (that’s running the CLOVR app) and whatever game your PC is capable of running, CLOVR can turn them into reality, VIRTUALLY.

SO What MAKES CLOVR special?

VR – Immersive Gaming

1. CLOVR supports all PC games.
As long as you can run the game on your PC, you can enjoy it in VR.

2. CLOVR supports wireless gaming.
Through WiFi, CLOVR relay VR-ready content straight to your phone, allowing you to freely roam while gaming in VR at 60 fps

3. CLOVR introduces head tracking technology.
A key feature of CLOVR is that it utilizes your mobile phone’s inbuilt gyroscope to perform seamless headtracking in game.

4. CLOVR makes VR gaming affordable.
Now you need a PC, a phone and your favourite games and you are good to go.

5. CLOVR is easy to setup.
nuff said.

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meanwhile we are as stoked as you can get!


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